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Windows 7 – Win 10
64 bit Processor
Mac OSx 10.13 – 11.01
64 bit Processor
Audio Surgeon favicon 12 months of free support
AS1000 - AS10000
Audio Surgeon favicon 24 months of free support
AS25000 & ASUnlimited

After your free support period expires, the use of the Ticketing System is subject to a fee. You can purchase either an Incident Support Session or an Annual Support Plan. There is no time limitation to the other self service parts of the Help Desk.

You can purchase an extension to your Support Plan at any time by going here: Support Plans

In addition to the Help Desk, Audio Surgeon also utilizes the Telephone and a Remote Assistance System to provide non-routine support on an as-needed basis. The use of these two support methods is initiated by Audio Surgeon support staff at their discretion.

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The Audio Surgeon website also has a series of Training Videos which we highly recommend. These videos cover all of the functions found in Audio Surgeon and will answer most questions.

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Audio Surgeon also comes with a detailed written User Guide. You can browse this guide on-line or you can download and print the User Guide as a pdf document.

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Lastly, Audio Surgeon offers customized training. If you are interested in this option, please go to Step 2 of the shopping cart. These sessions are purchased in blocks of 20 minutes. We use a screen sharing tool so you can see our screen as we answer your questions and review or illustrate topics of your choice.

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